Cutest Thanksgiving Kid Contest

Cutest. Thanksgiving. Kid

Tickle Photography is proud to present its first photo contest! Anyone can enter their children and it’s absolutely free! The winner will receive a $200 photography session to use as they wish!

The contest has already began! To enter your children, email me a photo of each child individually.  They must be dressed in something that represents the Thanksgiving season. [Ex. turkey, pilgrim, indian, corn on the cob… ANYTHING that you can tie to Thanksgiving!] Please include your child’s name and age, as well as a description of the costume! All of the photos will be posted on the Tickle Photography-Facebook Page for voting.

The votes will be tallied by the number of “likes” your child’s photo receives. In order to increase your child’s chance of winning, share the link to your child’s photo on Facebook and get all of your friends involved!

The contest is open to any child under the age of 6, so use your imagination! I assure you that the more creative the costumes, the better your chances of winning! The contest will end at midnight on Thanksgiving Day [11/24/2011], so start submitting those photos and get your friends and family to vote for your child!

Happy Thanksgiving!

[If the winner os more than 25 miles outside of the 27358 area code they will have to compensate the photographer for gas needed to travel beyond the 25 mile radius.]


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