Josh: Senior

Well, it’s that time for Josh! He’s graduating, and his family and friends are pretty stinkin’ proud of him. [I am proud of him too!]

See, I’ve known Josh for a little over two years now, and boy has it been an experience! But, one that I will never forget! When Josh was born, doctors told his parents that he wouldn’t live more than a few years, but I’m here to say that almost 17 years later he’s still here and doing quite well!

Josh is graduating high school, which is something that many years ago, his parents thought he just might not get to do. But the time is here, and he’s gonna finish!

Josh and I are pretty good friends and I had a slight advantage when trying to get him to show me his true smile. Well, umm, there’s this girl that he likes. There’s this one little problem tho – she’s married! lol

Her name is Mandi, and let me tell you, nothing brings a smile to that boy’s face like her name! All I had to do was say “Mandi,” and I saw the biggest smile he had!

It’s ok though. Mandi and her husband, Bruce, are well aware of his crush, and they are okay with it. [Josh and Bruce are actually good friends! ]

This session was a pretty special one to me, for many reasons, but there’s one thing that made this whole thing worth-while. It’s something that drives me to be the photographer that I am. After Josh’s mom looked through the pictures I sent her, she gave me the best compliment that I could ever ask for!

“The pictures are awesome, wonderful, and they capture Josh perfectly. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you spending  the time with Josh to capture him the way you did. I was laughing and crying, all at the same time. I am sure that Josh would not have opened up to anyone the way he did to you! Thank you so very much!”

Yeah, that makes me feel pretty special – not gonna lie:)

Josh is accomplishing something that’s a huge deal for any senior, but it’s an even bigger task for him. I’m proud to be his buddy and let everyone know that I’m proud of him!

Congrats Josh! You’re the man! 


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