Brad & Tonya: Married

Brad & Tonya

They dated for almost 5 years, but say that taking their time was worth it! They could not be happier. “When you marry your best friend, life just feels complete…”

Brad and Tonya were married on one of the most BEAUTIFUL October days I’ve ever seen. The weather was perfect – as was the setting.

This was one of the most touching weddings I’ve had the privilege of photographing. To start, Brad and Tonya have a love for one another that is TRULY obvious. They have waited for this day for such a long time, and now it’s here!

Tonya is an only child, and that always makes wedding days that much more special. It’s the day that Mommy and Daddy’s little girl has dreamt about her entire life – her wedding! Emotions are running high, and there are kleenex in everyone’s pockets…

[To think that in the midst of all this, I’m the one person that they choose to document their wedding day?! That’s HUGE! I cannot stress how much of an honor that is! ]

Brad’s dad passed away several years ago, so there was one VERY important person missing at the wedding. To honor the memory of his father, they had a framed picture on stage with the bridal party for the ceremony. It wasn’t until they decided to include the photograph in the family picture that it really touched me. Not sure why, but I thought that was an awesome way of including someone you love that is now in Heaven!

Not only was this a very touching wedding, but it was a beautiful one! Brad and Tonya were able to have the wedding they had dreamed about, with the family and friends that they so love!

Congratulations and best wishes! It was such an honor to spend this special day with you!


One thought on “Brad & Tonya: Married

  1. This was a special day for all of us. Tonya is my oldest niece: my first child so to speak. I have loved that little girl for 28 years. I was so proud of her and so happy to be getting a new nephew. Brad is a wonderful young man and he seems to truly love Tonya. We did wait for over 5 years for them to get married. My father died less than 2 months (December 19th) after this wedding. We had been praying that he would be well enough to make it to the wedding and he did. He had just been released from the hospital 3 days before the wedding and even though his health was really poor, he was able to walk down the isle after the wedding was over! We were so proud of him! It made our hearts feel so good to see our daddy, Tonya’s maternal papa, be able to walk down the isle with our mama when the wedding party was walking out of the church.

    You did an excellent job as photographer for Brad and Tonya. Your photographs “speak to me” every time I look at them. I am so glad you were the photographer too! 🙂 Thank you for all the amazing photographs that you took of them and thank you for sharing them with me. I am one proud aunt of a beautiful bride and I am very proud of the handsome nephew that I have just inherited by marriage. He has been a blessing to me already. Having lost his own father as you pointed out in your blog, he helped me out mentally a lot in the recent passing of my own father just 2 weeks ago. Brad is very special and I know that he and Tonya will have a wonderful marriage that is going to last 50 years like my parents’ marriage did because they have God at the center of their marriage.——<3 Tammy

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