Teacher’s In Love: Brandy’s Bridals

Brandy’s Bridals

There’s just something about a wedding dress. It brings out tons of emotions for women! I’m a guy, so I cannot truly grasp just how special THE DRESS is, but I know for sure that it’s a BIG deal! I love bridal sessions!

Here’s the most amazing thing about being a wedding photographer: I get to see stuff that everyone else has to wait to see! It’s like I have a VIP pass – and I LOVE it! I get to see the bride in THE DRESS before most anyone else, I get to see the bride and groom all dressed up on their wedding day before they even see eachother and I get to see all of the pictures before ANYONE else does! It’s such an amazing honor! I am so humbled that someone would choose to let me have that opportunity!

Here’s another thing too – at weddings, when the photographer speaks, most everyone listens! It’s like a camera has magic powers! I can walk up to the person with the meanest look on their face and start talking, what do they do? Start smiling:)

Really though, Brandy and I had a great time shooting her bridal portraits! We talked about wedding details, and her groom-to-be: TJ. [Pretty sure she can’t say his name without smiling!] It was a ton of fun! 

Not gonna lie – this shot of Brandy by the staircase… It’s one of my favorites:)


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