Please Don’t Pose!

The Davis Family

This is one FUN group of people! I assure you that there was never a dull moment in the house when I was there. Between the kids running around and Chunk [the Jack Russel] chasing them, I’d have to say that we were all on our feet – but it was a blast!

These are the kinds of things that I really do enjoy photographing – families just doing what they normally do! One of the main things that Damita stressed to me was that she was looking for was VERY candid shots, she wanted few that were “posed.” I assured her that was my specialty:) Don’t get me wrong… there’s most definitely a time and a place for “posed” shots, but candid ones are always my favorite.

Love, joy and happiness are obvious in this house – as it should be when family gets together! I’d have to say that we all had a good time, plus we captured some memories that will always be cherished.

Let me introduce you to Rod – Damita’s loving husband. He looks like he’s a pretty serious guy that’s not really up for much kidding around and non-sense, but when Damita mentioned a pillow fight I’m pretty sure I saw his face light up – as did mine!

I think it’s awesome when people really let go for the camera! [It’s amazing what some people will do for a photographer] The pillow fight had two pretty intense rounds and tons of really solid hits! I’ll let you decide who you think actually won:)

Pretty sure that this is still one of my favorite shots – ever!


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