A *VERY* Garris Christmas

The Garris Family

          Stephen and April are some very dear friends to me and my family. See, I’ve known April my entire life, and then a few years ago she went and married my sister-in-law’s brother. Small world huh? Well I wouldn’t have it any other way – she’s practically been family my whole life anyway!

          These shots are what we captured on beautiful day in mid December here in NC. Yes, I’m aware that it’s now April and Christmas was quite some time ago, but I do have a good reason:) Number one: I’ve been insanely busy the last six months and I have to admit that there has been some “blog-neglecting” on my part… Number two: April didn’t want friends and family to see the photographs right away because she had some planned as Christmas gifts, so therefore they hit the “post WAY later” pile.

          Regardless of my delay in posting them for all to see, here they are now. I assure you that they look just as good today as they did 4 months ago. I mean, Miss Ansley is ALWAYS adorable – whether it’s Christmas, or almost summer!


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