Taking a Hike {the good kind}

The Robertson Family

It was the perfect Saturday morning in Reidsville, NC. The first few weeks of November had left just the right amount of leaves hanging on the trees, and tons more all over the ground. The colors were beautiful, and the weather could not have been better! The only thing better than an awesome autumn day and tons of beautiful leaves is the addition of love and laughter, which the Roberson’s had plenty of! From Tres’ jokes to little Kailyn’s wide-eyed smiles, everything was just right!

Days exactly like this are why I truly do love being a photographer. For starters I had a camera in my hand, which already throws the day in the 90% range. Secondly, the weather was perfect – not too cold, not too warm… just right! Then, last and definitely not least, there were great people to work with. People really do make my job worth it, and I am so fortunate to get to work with the clients that I do!

We had an insanely good time that day, and we captured some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime – maybe longer!

(We’re going to do our best to get Mom and Dad in the shots sometime… They just don’t like having their picture taken!)


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