Train, Train, Go away!

Miss Maddi

I’m thinking that children just might be my favorite thing to photograph. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shoot just about anything, but kids are special to me. They have the BEST facial expressions, they’re always on the move, unpredictability is to be assumed and they are a TON of fun! One of the things I love most about children is the look in their eyes – it’s so pure and carefree. They have yet to experience, heartbreak or disappointment, and it shows in their eyes. It’s such a great feeling to make a child smile!

Maddi is adorable, right?! She’s got the best smiles. She can’t just smile at you, her whole face has to smile at you! Just when you think that her smile could not get any bigger, up come her hands. She was so excited she started clapping like crazy!

The session was going great, just as planned. Then came the sound of a train in the distance. The peaceful city setting suddenly became not-so-peaceful. Poor Miss Maddi really didn’t like all that noise. Although she didn’t like the train she worked her way through it and was a trooper for me!


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