Marvelous Meka [Actress and Playwright]

Tomeka Allen

She’s an actress. She has a beautiful voice. She loves life. She has the biggest smile I think I’ve ever seen. She loves people. She writes plays, but not just any ol’ plays. Tomeka Allen authors scripts and story lines that grasp your heart and show you exactly what you’re feeling in your own soul. She aims for the innermost thoughts that people have, then bring them to life right before your own eyes. Her most recent work is “Sight Chronicles – Man’s Transformation from Darkness to Light” and it has taken off ¬†insanely well!

I’ve worked with “Meka” now for 2 years, on and off. In November she told me about a play that she was showing. She said it wasn’t anything huge, but I could see the passion and enthusiasm she had for it. Always looking for new things to photograph, I asked her to let me come to the last dress rehearsal and take some photos – she enthusiastically accepted! It was a phenomenal stage play, and I’m not the only one that thought so. During one of the performances there was a very special guest in attendance. Little did we all know that this very person would fall in love with “Sight’s” storyline and decide to take it before some of their elite sponsorship with plans of going national! (Yeah, that’s right – NATIONAL!) It’s not exactly premiering in California just yet, but the plans are most definitely in motion. It truly is amazing how fast this has come together. This is living proof that when you shoot for the stars and go for your dreams, things really can happen! Meka is beyond ecstatic about the success of “Sight,” and I’m just as excited as she is because Jordan Tickle is the official photographer and graphic designer! (That’s right, yours truly) It’s going to be an amazing journey for all of us involved, regardless of where it leads! Be sure to check out “Sight’s” website where you can find showtimes and locations, as well as help support this amazing work!

Oh yeah, Meka needed some new head shots – so she chose her favorite photographer:)


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