Levi’s FIRST Birthday

The world’s cutest kid digging into a chocolate cupcake – could life be any better? I submit that it could not. This is my nephew Levi, and he is now the big ONE year old. I’m pretty sure he has no idea that he’s as cool as he is, but everyone else sure does! He’s just starting to walk like crazy, dance, laugh hystericaly and all that awesome stuff that kids start to do as they grow.

I still remember when he was born. Just a year ago he was this tiny little baby that did nothing but sleep! Now, he’s all over the place, and giving his parents a little dose of what my brother gave my parents some 30 years ago!

And as usual, Ava is easier to grab shots of when she’s not the star of the show – although she tends to make herself the star anyway:)

Pretty sure that this last shot is one of my all-time favorites!


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