GRAND Mother’s Day 2012

My Grandmas

Words just cannot describe how truly blessed I am to have such amazing grandmothers in my life. They’re both quite different, but they both love me with all of my heart. One’s rowdy and loves to cut up, while the other’s a little more quiet and doesn’t say as much – but they both are just as caring and sweet as they could ever be!

The beautiful lady wearing the pink is my mother’s mom and we have always called her “Mamaw.” [Ma’am-awe] She’s a trip, a character, a “cat-bird,” and so much more! When I see anything blue I think of her. She loves the beach and anything to do with it! When I was younger I bought her some 3.8 million things from the dollar store. If something was blue, had a lighthouse on it, was covered in sea shells or said anything about the beach I just HAD to get it for her! I’m almost positive she still has pretty much every last piece of it too!

She’s been through a lot of stuff in her life, but she still keeps on going. Life treats us all rough at times, but it’s in those times that we learn who we really are and just how much we need those that truly do love and care for us! I do admire her:)

There are many memories that flood my mind now as I’m writing this, but I’ll not go into those – it would take quite some time! Mamaw has always loved me and made it a point to make me feel like I’m the President every time she sees me – every time. She greets me with open arms and the best back-scratches you could ever ask for… That’s my Mamaw:)

Now comes the good-lookin’ lady in the purple. This is my “Nannie.” She’s a totally different person. She’s a little more reserved and tends to be more quite, but she’s got personality as big as the sky! My Nannie is one of the world’s 3 greatest cooks, she tends more flowers and plants than anyone you have ever met and she makes the BEST hand-made quilts you’ll ever wrap up in! I can’t say that I have a favorite thing that Nannie makes, but her Chicken Pie is literally the most AMAZING thing you will ever eat! I promise that you have not lived until you’ve had it – but it has to be made by her and eaten in her kitchen for it to be it’s best. The only thing keeping me from claiming Chicken Pie as my all-time favorite is her “white cake with chocolate frosting.” To hear Nannie describe the cake it’s just box cake mix with chocolate frosting, but I assure you that it’s heavenly!

Mrs. Betty Tickle LOVES her flowers, almost as much as her 11 grandkids and 2 great-grandkids. When I say “she tends more flowers than anyone you have ever met,” I’m being serious! It’s like a greenhouse over there. Some people have green thumbs, but Nannie has green hands, arms and feet. I’d say she could make rocks grow! Along with her love for flowers comes her floral skills. She has never worked one day in a florist, but you would be fooled.  Almost every Sunday in the summer she takes an arrangement of her home-grown flowers to church and sets it on the communion table. When people are sick, they get flowers from my Nannie. To tell you the truth, there are countless instances where we have taken her flowers for her birthday (from a florist) and she has re-arranged the entire piece to make it look like it should. She’s just that good! Therefore she collects vases. Now, I have no idea just how many vases Nannie has, but I would say it’s somewhere in the 200 range. (I think I’ve bought her every vase that dollar stores carried from 1998-2005)

Nannie is an amazing woman that grew up when times were hard, but she has spent her life making sure that her family has everything they needed. She feeds us all until we pop because she can’t stand the thought of someone being hungry – ever! She’s an awesome lady and I count myself very blessed to have her in my life!


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