Contest Winners

ImageAlison & Scotty

Well they’ve been together for… well forever! They’ve dated for quite sometime and now they’re engaged – although at the time of this session (Dec 2011) they were not quite engaged, but pretty stinking close. (Alison had no idea.) We almost made this session a “mini-pre-engagement session,” so I’m thinking we might have given Scotty the hint:)

Either way, all that matters is that Alison loves Scotty and Scotty loves Alison. It’s a beautiful thing that they have – real, true, simple love. Scotty isn’t much of a camera man and doesn’t like showing his smile for photographs, but when he’s looking into the eyes of the woman he loves it’s a different story!

I’m really looking forward to their wedding. It’s going to be a beautiful, outdoor ceremony beside a peaceful pond. There’s going to be tons of cowboy boots and mason jars, plenty of love, laughter and smiles… Oh, and a simply elegant, white sun dress on a beaming bride making her way to the arms of her prince charming. (I’ll be photographing it, so check back for the results!)



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