Brandon [Senior Portraits]

Brandon is a sophisticatedly cool guy. Seriously, he is pretty awesome! I’ve known him for probably 9 years (maybe more) and trust me, he’s a fun person to hang out with. Wake boarding is his thing, so we definitely had to shoot some photos with his snazzy new board. (I’m trying to get him on the lake with that thing for some sick action shots. I think I’ve convinced him.)

Although he wasn’t SUPER crazy about having senior portraits taken, I did my best to make him feel comfortable in front of the camera – which is usually never a comfy place to be. I’d say that after the first few minutes he loosened up and realized it wasn’t as spooky as most people make it out to be. Great images are the result!

SIDE NOT HERE – Being at ease while I’m “shooting” a client is something that I’m insanely focused on. Here’s the down-low on it. If you feel uncomfortable then you’re going to look uncomfortable – it’s just a fact. I don’t want photo sessions to feel up-tight and weird. You’re not just investing in photos with me, you’re investing in an experience. When you walk away from a session with Tickle Photography I want to to say to yourself, “That was actually fun! I kind of want to do that again…” SIDE NOTE FINISHED 🙂

Seriously though, Brandon’s a great guy and I couldn’t be more proud that he’s a graduate of the GLCS class of 2012! Congratulations Brandon!


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