Malachi [2 years old]

Cheese balls, the Grinch, a sock monkey, the Fresh Beat Band, Daddy’s car, sweet tea, scooters, being chased and tickled, the ocean, bath time, chicken nuggets, bubbles, pears, coloring and Olivia.

What in the world do all of these things have in common?

Malachi. He’s the one little boy that brings all of these things together into one fantastic place! This little guy is bursting with life, love and laughter. I do believe that he loves running more than anything else tho… I’ve spent a fair bit of time with Malachi, and the biggest smiles I get are when he is running as fast as he can – with his arms wide open!

Malachi is a little boy that loves life – a LOT! Want to know why he’s able to enjoy life so much? Because of his parents, Anthony and Christina. The love of a parent is something that’s quite special… Malachi is truly blessed to have parents that do their very best to love him and show him that life is great, and there’s tons of fun things in the world to explore. Life may not be perfect, but if you focus on the positive stuff the negative stuff seems to just disappear:)

He was running with his arms wide open. See that smile?! 🙂

Want to see more of this little guy? Check out his Circus-themed birthday party!


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