Sue & Marcus {Engaged}

She smiles, and his face lights up. His face lights up, and her smile gets bigger. This beautiful cycle continues until there’s nothing but laughter coming from both love birds. Not only was I witness to their tender love and caring for one another, I could see their friendship and true connection. Marcus loves Sue (uhhhh-LOT), but more importantly he loves who she is. When he looks into her eyes he sees beyond her outward beauty, all the way to her good heart! Sue does the same. She sees Marcus for his kind and sensitive soul. For being a man that knows how to truly love and treat a real lady.

*the fact that they are both good-looking doesn’t hurt at all either!*

I know these two had a great time – they were together! Even better than that, I had a wonderful time too! What a great way to spend the morning… I was working, and I loved every minute of it! (How many people to you know that can truly say that?!)

Important stuff: these two “halves of the same heart” are getting married in less than a month! Guess who’s gonna be there – this LUCKY photographer! I’m beyond excited about their big day and all the memories I’ll have the honor of preserving! Keep your eyes peeled for their wedding to hit the blog!


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