Sweet Caroline {Sunset in a Field}

From the very first moment I met this girl, I was in love – no lie! I love kids, I really do. (Especially the ones that you can send home when they get on your nerves!) BUT, that age where they’re not really a kid and they’re not quite a teen… ummm NO! I just don’t really care for the time in person’s life. What can I say?!

Caroline though, she’s different. Totally unusual. She’s a talker FOR SURE, but she honestly doesn’t bother me – I actually find her quite humorous and interesting. (which is not a usual occurrence with “tweens.”) She’s part of a WONDERFUL family that I dearly love! There’s just one issue – they live in Arkansas. 860 miles from my driveway to be exact:( Therefore I rarely get to see them, but when I do – we do it right! It’s like a non-stop party at their house, and I LOVE every last minute of it.

So, this little photo session we have here was insanely spur-of-the-moment, TWICE. The first time was Sunday around 2, we had just returned home from a fabulous lunch at this great Chinese joint in town. Caroline was all dressed up, so I talked her into a few head shots – nothing intense – and she agreed. Well, little did either of us know, that wasn’t the end of her modeling career for Tickle Photography!  Later that evening on our way back home after church, as we pulled into the road she lives on, I noticed a super cool hill with the beautiful setting sun in the distance. I grabbed my gear, and my trusty quilt, from my trunk and we took off up the side of this small mountain! (Which was not the easiest of things in heels, so I was told later…) There it was. A “vista.” Kind-of-ish. It wouldn’t be the spot I’d want to build my dream home, but it worked great for a few solid shots:-)

Note: if you are friends with a photographer you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be prepared for a shot… or 50:) I promise it will happen to you sooner or later!

Props to my dear little “sis” Caroline for rolling with the punches this crazy photographer threw her way that hot Sunday in May! She’s the best!


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