Sean & Eva Say “I Do”

Both Eva and Sean had everything under control. Neither appeared the least bit anxious or worried, but instead they were cool, calm and collected. I guess when you’re engrossed in love everything else just tends to fade away, huh? Although you couldn’t see them, I assure you they had butterflies all over the inside. The anticipation and excitement was everywhere!

Details had been placed and carefully tended to by family and friends. People began to arrive and laughter began to fill the church. I was back and forth between the bride’s room and the foyer where the groom and his men were. I was beyond excited! Finally it hit 2:00 and things got down to business. It was time for the wedding!

Sean, his father and the pastor entered – then came the rest of the wedding party. Everyone stood and the bridal march began. While everyone turned to look at Eva and her father on their way down the aisle, guess where I was looking? Right at Sean. He had a smile on his face, but not a big-ol’-cheesy smile. It was a simple, yet loving, smile of total satisfaction and happiness. I could tell that he knew his life would only get better from that moment forward:)

This wedding was an absolute pleasure to be a part of! We had plenty of time before the ceremony for everyone to get ready and have some time to “chill,” we had a beautiful and touching ceremony, then we made our way to the outdoor reception! Luckily I was able to grab Sean and Eva for some shots before all the festivities began. We even snagged the whole wedding party for a few poses too:-)

 Couple and group photos done, we were on to the festivities! [Word to the wise: make sure your photographer knows EVERYTHING that’s planned so they’ll be ready for the perfect shots.] One “minor” (MAJOR) detail I was never told about was the tradition they had in store, before they cut the cake. Out of no where I hear some laughter and yelling, so I quickly turned to make sure I wasn’t missing anything good – OH I WAS! About 25 of the men had Sean and they were throwing him up in the air. I thought I was gonna pass out – I almost missed this! I ran over to the action and snapped a few killer images, but they were not done yet. The men proceeded to pull of his right shoe and sock, toss him into the air a few more times and then, BRACE YOURSELVES, they dipped his pinki toe into the icing on the cake. Here’s where Eva came into the picture – literally. She had to lick it off his toe! True story. It was beyond hilarious! Definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever been part of, but one of the most memorable!

Seriously, this was one of the BEST weddings I’ve ever been a part of. Sean and Eva, It was truly an honor and privilege to be your photographer! 


One thought on “Sean & Eva Say “I Do”

  1. fue una boda muy bonita y me siento complasido que en algo podimos ayudar ,mi esposa claudia y familia,que Dios los bendiga donde quiera que se encuentren…y yo se Eva que tu Mama desde el Cielo esta orguyosa de ustedes.

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