Mitchell Family

The Mitchell Family: what a group of people! With EVERY session, I strive not only to have a good time myself, but to ensure that my clients have fun as well. I am convinced that the only way to have truly great images is to be yourself, and the only way to be yourself is if you are having a good time. Therefore, we are left to reason that if you’re having a good time, (and your photographer is too) then your images will be splendid!

This beautiful Saturday afternoon was more than just a good time for me, it was an experience. John and Heather are two people that I feel 100% at ease being around. Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL of my clients and they are are a blast to be around, but for some reason John and Heather are a little different. I first met them through some friends at a birthday party for Malachi. Then I messaged Heather a few times regarding her family photos, but for all intents and purposes I didn’t REALLY know their family. Crazy thing: I felt so very “at home” during our ENTIRE session – it was unreal. I’m not sure why, or what they did, but it was the most comfortable session I’ve ever been a part of, period! Thanks guys! (It’s probably because John and Heather are just THAT AWESOME!)

I’m of the persuasion that love can cover a multitude of wrong! It’s impossible for anyone to be the perfect parent and do things right 100% of the time, but if Mom and Dad love each other and their kids this much, I’m pretty sure it will all work out just fine!


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