Brydie Mae’s Bath-time

This little girl is close to my heart… She was THE VERY FIRST newborn I had the privilege of photographing! Only 3 or 4 days into her life she met Mr. Jordan, and that made me feel pretty special. What a sweet little girl she’s growing up to be. (I do believe that she has the biggest, brightest eyes I’ve ever seen – I just LOVE them!) Brydie is a SUPER lucky little girl too. She has one of the best families taking care of her that I’ve ever met! They are some of THE sweetest people you’ll ever meet!

Working with people this sweet and kind are what make my job so great! I love people, I really really do – most every kind. BUT, when people love you back it’s better than you could even imagine! This is one LUCKY photographer!

Oh – Brydie’s Mommie owns a fantastic store and deli! If you’re in Supply, NC you MUST check it out! Lockwood Folly Marketplace


One thought on “Brydie Mae’s Bath-time

  1. Jordan these pictures are amazing and you’re so right, Little Miss Brydie has beautiful eyes and is just adorable. She does have the one of the sweetest families you’ll ever meet. We love her mom, Lindsay (who I’ve adopted as my niece) to pieces and we also love her store (Lockwood Folly Marketplace). Makes me want to plan another trip to Supply very soon.

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