The Secret to Success

jordan_tickleWant to know the secret to success that everyone’s talking about? Well I’ll tell you – there’s not one. Seriously. Success is out there, and I’m here to tell you that everyone can achieve it. It’s not about what you know, or how much of it you understand… It’s about how you use what you know.

I’ve decided that the only thing standing between Jordan Tickle and the success that I want to achieve is (get this) ME. I’m my own problem. Success is out there, but I’ve got to reach for it and make it mine. It’s not easy, it’s not exciting, it’s tedious, it can be frustrating, it’s hard work and sometimes it can almost seem like it’s defeating… BUT it’s *sooooooo* worth it! Remember this: “Success is rented, not owned. You pay the rent every day!”

Success is not a state or platform that one can hit – success is an ongoing process that is effected by the choices we make. It’s all about your attitude and commitment.

A professor of mine always said this: “Those who win the race take one more step.”  It is ALWAYS too late to give up.

I’ve hit a place in my life where I’m seriously taking ownership for who Jordan is, and who he is going to become. I feel that so often in life people tend to blame others for the problems that they have and live victim to the things that they’re suffering, all the while focusing on the fact that they didn’t put themselves where they’re at. I’m trying to be easy here, but SNAP OUT OF IT! Regardless of who’s fault it is that you’re where you are – it’s now your responsibility to get yourself out of it! Maybe you’re reaping the consequences of something that you honestly didn’t do to yourself, or maybe the problems  that you’re going through are a direct result of choices and decisions you have made… Either way, NOW is your time to shine! You MUST MUST MUST choose to overcome what you’re facing, and get yourself to the place you want and need to be! You have to take ownership for the life that you’ve got now. You can’t change the past, but you most definitely can change your future.

Face the facts, take control of your problems and start experiencing success!


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