Zach & Betsy Tie the Knot


This wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Let’s start with the biggest worry of the day though – the weather… It never ceases, on days with outdoor receptions that have really bad rain plans, it decides to scare the poop out of us all! Well, I cannot tell a lie. I seriously thought it was going to rain and we would be forced to plan B… BUT – the weather held off pretty much all day and gave us cloud cover which made for BEAUTIFUL soft light! I have to admit that I was SUPER happy!

Years ago – back in high school, Betsy was looking for someone to go to prom with. Her sister mentioned their friend Zach and Betsy quickly replied with, “Zach would be the most boring date in the whole world!” Well… I guess he’s not quite as boring as she thought:p

The whole day was simply perfect. The Penn House served as the charming venue – filled to the brim with family and friends. From the moment I arrived, to the moment we all left, there was nothing but laughter and tears of joy. When Betsy came down that aisle to meet her husband, she was “booo-hooo-ing” like a baby. It was my FAVORITE walk down the aisle yet! You know it’s good when the photographer (who is a guy) gets choked up!

zach1kennon6kennon4kennon_wedding1weddingparty emilykennon5kennon3kennon1


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