Slingin’ Paint – Wood Style


528216_564377870273992_1141248089_n-1PAINT SLINGIN’ sesssions ROCK like crazy! Seriously – this is some of the most fun you will ever have. It’s fun for kids, parents, couples, friends and just about anyone. What makes them so enjoyable, you ask? Here’s the deal… In our society we always do our best to keep things organized, in their proper place, use proper voices in the correct places, walk single file and most of all… Stay inside the lines. Well when you’re part of a PAINT SLINGIN’ session we throw ALL of that out the window!

Old t-shirts and old jeans are simply an extension of the canvas hanging from the trees! Picture this: you take the evening off and throw on some old clothes, drive the family to a field in the country, meet a crazy-fun photographer with 5 gallons of paint and tons of brushes. Next step? GO CRAZY! I’m talking about literally slinging paint. All over the place!

The Wood family was my experiment group – my photographic Guinea pigs! They were beyond troopers for me too. Not only did they have fun, but I did too. It’s difficult during these sessions to not lay down my camera and jump in on the fun!

The best part is the end result and the experience that the clients have! I received an email from Mom a couple days after this session, and it made my heart leap with joy! Take a look at the last photo in this post – it’s all there!



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