Darrin & Megan Say “I Do!” [SC]


Megan and Darrin are honestly two of the sweetest people I have ever met. Megan and I met at Cracker Barrel several summers ago while working those LONG summer shifts serving biscuits and cornbread to all of Greensboro. We became friends at work, and also on Facebook. Through our online connection, she found out about my photography business and started keeping up with where I was heading with it. Time passed and things changed. Cracker Barrel is long gone from both of our lives, but we are still connected:)

Back in the fall, Megan and Darrin contacted me about their engagement photos – so we made that happen. It was then that I realized Megan was a personal trainer! I’d been working on trying to drop some weight for a while and I was kind of stuck. I brought Megan on board and things CHANGED! I’m talking 60 pounds:) This is one reason that I’m so close to Megan and Darrin. Megan really has been an inspiration in my life over the last year. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with her in the gym and she’s personally responsible for the amazing change I’ve been able to make! She’s my fitness angel:)

Enough about me and the sweat-filled gym!

Megan had a big, local, wedding planned and was working on getting all of the details nailed down… But things changed! Megan decided that her and Darrin would rather have a tiny, super-intimate, beach wedding. (Que this photographer’s DREAM!) Megan wasn’t too sure I’d be up for the trip down there for a few short hours of coverage, but I quickly assured her that was DEFINTIELY not the case! No matter how long or short, I’m always up for some wedding photos!

It was such a beautiful ceremony – really it was. I’ve never been part of a wedding that was this small… Or THIS sweet. Now, I think my favorite weddings are the small ones:) I’m talking 16 people – including myself and my assistant! I was able to be a part of Megan getting ready, I followed her to the beach, and I had the honor of capturing her ceremony! Tears were rolling down faces and love was crashing in hearts louder than the waves. Love, family, friends, the beach and sunset – what more could you ask for?

Honestly, Megan and Darrin’s wedding is a day that I will NEVER forget, as long as I live.

Congrats you two love birds!

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