The Averbeck Family

averbeck4_tickle_photographyAlright, let’s start with the obvious. Hands down, this is THE CUTEST kid I have ever seen. Yes, I said it. I made an emphatic and conclusive statement. I might not love this kid as much as my own niece and nephew, but there’s just something about that red-orange hair (with super amazing natural highlights) and those beautiful blues eyes. This little guy has STOLEN the hearts of women all over Facebook already, just wait till he gets older!

I actually went to school with Little Drake’s mommy at one time, but she got married to the man of her dreams and moved to Pennsylvania – so it’s been some time since I’ve seen her! Luckily they were able to come home for a lengthy visit and we were able to arrange a photo session:)

I’ve got to confess – that red door with a baby propped up against it?! Couldn’t get any better – period!

averbeck1_tickle_photography averbeck2_tickle_photography averbeck3_tickle_photographyaverbeck5_tickle_photography


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