Bodi Evans [Newborn]


This little guy is one special fella… His parents are two of my very good friends and I am beyond excited that not only was he one of Tickle Photography’s newborns, but he was also the VERY FIRST session that took place in my new studio space! Yep – this little guy broke it in for me! I am honored that he was the first one…

I was so excited about the little fella making his way into the world because I was going to be there for it. I’m talking waiting up all night with tons of coffee and doughnuts. But, there was an issue… He liked staying with his Mommy too much, and I had a trip planned to Florida that I had no way of re-scheduling. So, sad to say, I missed his birth:/

But it’s alright tho – I made up for it by letting him be my first session in the studio:)

Can’t wait to watch this little fella grow up!

tickle_photography_bodi2 tickle_photography_bodi3 tickle_photography_bodi4


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