Greg & Karen Say “I Do” [NC State]


This wedding… I really don’t know where to even start with it. Perfect, touching, fun, special, memorable – those words don’t even touch it.

I first met Karen & Greg last September for their engagement session in Durham, NC. After the first ten minutes I just knew that Karen and I were a meant-to-be team of bride and photographer. I’m a pretty goofy guy and I really enjoy acting like an absolute nut sometimes, but I tend to save that for very close friends, and occasional clients that I know appreciate it. Well – it was obvious early on that Karen was on of those clients. She and I are a little dangerous when we are together. Seriously:)

Now, let’s talk about this wedding. I know that I say this a lot, but this really was one of the best weddings that I have ever been to. The venue was AHHHHHHH-mazing and the staff at the NC State Alumni House could not have been any better to work with. The entire day truly was care-free, but elegant and classy. How many weddings have you been to where you feel like you’re receiving 5-star treatment in a top-of-the-line venue, but everyone stopped to laugh 4 or 5 times during the wedding ceremony and you had fried chicken, mac-n-cheese and FABULOUS sweet tea for lunch? Well, this was the first time I’ve been able to say that, but it left me wishing every wedding was just like that!

At Karen & Greg’s wedding I laughed way more than I can remember, and I almost teared up a few times. Good weddings can even make your photographer (even the men) tear up a little. I watched two people that are head-over-heels in love with each other make vows to spend the rest of their lives doing just that – loving each other. I also watched two families, and tons of sweet friends, come together to support both Greg & Karen with more love than I’ve ever seen. This is why I love what I do – especially weddings. I am the one that has been entrusted with capturing this special day! Not just for the bride and groom, but for the families and friends that are there.

Greg and Karen: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the honor of photographing your wedding day. It was such a privilege to be a part of your special day. I cannot wait to see where life takes you both:)

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