Tips & Suggestions for Newborn Sessions


Newborn Sessions are different from all other sessions. It’s something that needs a little more planning ahead and takes more time. New babies take lots of snuggling and working with, so sessions take lots more time and patience, but it is ALWAYS worth the extra work:)

I’ve complied a short list of some tips to help you prepare for you newborn session. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Tips and Suggestions:

1) Newborns photograph their very best within the first 10 days after they arrive. The longer we wait, the more they move and the harder they are to pose. So – book your session before you have the baby, and have me on standby so that I know within 48 hours of delivery and I’ll get your session worked in ASAP.

2) All newborns sleep practically all day, but they sleep their best right after they eat. (Don’t we all?!) The ideal situation would be to arrive to the studio right before a feeding, feed the baby, and then let me start posing and snapping those shots. A sleeping baby photographs BEAUTIFULLY.

3) If there’s something you’re wanting to incorporate into the photos, bring it with you. Blankets made by family members are great, stuffed animals, hats, etc. If it’s important to you, let’s work it in. I don’t suggest doing that for all of the photos, maybe just for one or two. Neutral themed shots are timeless and never look dated – so I aim for most shots to represent that. (If you plan on bringing a few things, let me know ahead of time and I’ll start thinking of ideas to work them in!)

4) Plan to be there a while. 2-3 hours is standard for all newborn sessions. Posing the little ones takes quite a while, because we like to keep them happy:) Snapping the shots is the easier of the two. I have a couch in the studio, so you’ll have a place to relax – no worries.

5) As far as clothes go, I don’t suggest them because newborns rarely fit well into them so they look awkward most of the time. If you’re not a fan of naked babies, that’s completely fine too. I have options for hiding the diaper and nobody even has to know!

6) If at all possible, get some shots of your newborn with Mommy & Daddy. It doesn’t have to be but one shot, but I promise it will mean the world to you 20 years from now:) I usually shoot those against a neutral background, so I suggest wearing blacks, browns or navy. It’s best if parents match/coordinate with their colors, so that the naked (or semi-naked) baby stands out most!

7) Dress comfortable if possible – it gets to be a little warm in there. I usually run a small space heater right by the baby to keep them warm, because a warm baby is a happy baby and a happy baby photographs its best:)


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