Macie & Olivia {twins}


Alright – I cannot tell a lie. This session made me a little nervous. I’ve pretty much conquered newborns and I finally understand how they work and what it takes to keep them happy for a session, but twins?! Wait just a second! That’s a WHOLE different ball game, Jack! I’ve heard horror story after horror story about 6 and 8 hour twin newborn sessions… So I was on edge Tuesday morning – wouldn’t you have been?

Well, while I’m confessing I might as well tell you that the session went AMAZING and the girls did a fabulous job for me! Talk about relief, elated joy, excitement, joy, accomplishment – all those great words! Between Mom, Dad and myself we kept those little girls happy and warm – which means good, sound sleep. Exactly what you want out of newborns!

I am so very glad that Mom and Dad entrusted their little ones to me and allowed me the amazing opportunity to capture these moments for them. I’m still in awe that I get to do something this amazing all the time for people! It’s such a rewarding experience to be able to be such a big part of people’s lives!

Welcome to the world girls!
tickle_photography_robinson2 tickle_photography_robinson3 tickle_photography_robinson4 tickle_photography_robinson5 tickle_photography_robinson6


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