Surprising Jodi [Fort Jackson, SC]

ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography11This morning I was able to photograph one of the sweetest things of my career! Jodi has been in basic training at Ft. Jackson in SC for quite some time and her husband, Carl, and baby-girl, Joellie, have been thousands of miles away in Arizona. Due to Carl’s orders, there was no way he would have been able to be there this morning to greet his sweet wife with their baby girl. Fortunately, Carl was able to re-work some of his orders and make it out to SC for family day! Jodi literally had NO idea that Carl and Joellie¬†were going to be there to greet her.

I’ve got to admit it – I teared up just a little…

It was such a beautiful thing! This evening we’re doing family photos on base and then I’ll get to shoot her graduation tomorrow morning! Can’t wait for what the next day holds!

Thank you Carl for choosing me to preserve these memories for your sweet family!

ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography1 ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography2 ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography3 ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography4 ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography5 ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography6 ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography7 ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography8 ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography9 ft_jackson_family_day_tickle_photography10


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