Shaw Family Photo Session


Meet the Shaw family – one of THE coolest families that I’ve yet to meet. Our session was almost rained out, but we were determined to fight the weather and press on for the photos we wanted. Fortunately, the weather held off and we were able to capture some of the most captivating family shots I’ve yet to shoot.

I love the way this family interacts and the love they share. It’s shown in the photos 100%, and I’m pretty sure that’s what makes me love them so much! I love photos that capture who a family is, and how they usually interact with one another. I mean, we’re people – not robots. Photos should show who we really are, not who we *think* we are or who we *wish* we were.

Kim, Steve (although I called him random names the entire session. ha!) and their kids were an absolute inspiration to me and they truly made my day! Let’s face it – guys HATE to have their photos taken. It’s life. I get that. BUT – Steve was SUCH a trooper for these photos, and that made the images that much better! When everyone is on board with family photos, they simply turn out better – end of story.

At the end of our session their little girl even came running up to me after the photos were complete and offered me a pack of gummies (aka – bribes for good smiles). “Here! I got you one before the boys ate them all!” Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that:)

I love my job, and I love what I get to do. I’m a story-teller, a memory-maker and a moment-capturer… I’m a photographer!

So… wrangle up the ones you love and go have your photos taken, acting just like you always do!

family_photography_nc_portrait-1 family_photography_nc_portrait-2 family_photography_nc_portrait-3 family_photography_nc_portrait-4 family_photography_nc_portrait-5 family_photography_nc_portrait-6 family_photography_nc_portrait-7family_photography_nc_portrait-9 family_photography_nc_portrait-10 family_photography_nc_portrait-11 family_photography_nc_portrait-12 family_photography_nc_portrait-13 family_photography_nc_portrait-14 family_photography_nc_portrait-15 family_photography_nc_portrait-16 family_photography_nc_portrait-17 family_photography_nc_portrait-18 family_photography_nc_portrait-19 family_photography_nc_portrait-20 family_photography_nc_portrait-21 family_photography_nc_portrait-22


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