Erin’s Bridal Portraits


This bride is one of my absolute favorites! We had to reschedule her bridal session three times because of the rain. I’m serious – it was a photographer’s nightmare. But Erin handled it like a pro. It’s a pretty frustrating thing to have taken off work and planned hair and makeup to just get it all called off, but Erin didn’t let it get to her. She just smiled and said “We’ll pray for no rain next week!” She’s the epitome of what a perfect bride is for a photographer.

Erin and her mother were an absolute pleasure to work with and we had a blast capturing some gorgeous images of Erin in her wedding gown.  I love when I leave a session and feel like I’ve spent time with a dear friend… Makes my job just a little sweeter! bridal_portrait_greensboro_wedding_photographer-2 bridal_portrait_greensboro_wedding_photographer-3 bridal_portrait_greensboro_wedding_photographer-4 bridal_portrait_greensboro_wedding_photographer-5 bridal_portrait_greensboro_wedding_photographer-6 bridal_portrait_greensboro_wedding_photographer-7 bridal_portrait_greensboro_wedding_photographer-8 bridal_portrait_greensboro_wedding_photographer-9 bridal_portrait_greensboro_wedding_photographer-10 bridal_portrait_greensboro_wedding_photographer-11


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