Meet Jordan


Passion. Photography. People.

Well for starters, I have a  funny last name – Tickle. Yes, I promise that’s really it! I live in North Carolina in a tiny community right outside the city limits of Summerfield, called Bethany. It’s about a half hour from pretty much anything, but that’s exactly how I like it. I’ve lived at the same place my entire life! I’ve had the opportunity to travel across and outside of the country several times, as well as attend school in Arkansas for four years. With all of these destinations, I’ve been able to see some pretty awesome stuff and take some pretty captivating photographs!

I’ll shoot just about anything – honest! My favorite though? People. I love raw emotion, true expressions and genuine smiles. Those fake, posed jobs are not me. Photojournalistic would definitely sum up my style. I’m all about comfortable-out-of-the-box stuff. I don’t want boring and simple, but I don’t want you standing on your head under water in the snow. (Although that might make for a pretty cool image – right? ha!)

There’s two things that set me apart from the rest. First – it’s my passion. I have a true passion for photography. Kind of crazy that a person would love taking photos as much as I do, but it’s true. I eat, sleep and breathe everything photo. I spent most of my life dreaming of becoming a photographer, and now I am one:) I’m seriously living a dream… And that’s a pretty incredible feeling!

The final thing that sets me apart, and makes the biggest impact, is the client experience. I want my clients, from start to finish, to have the BEST experience they have ever had. Anywhere! Scheduling should be a breeze, locations should be care-free, the session itself should be comfortable and memorable (plus a TON of fun), and the viewing/ordering process should be where all this comes together. I pride myself in treating my clients just like I’d treat my best friends. Your portraits aren’t just yours – they’re mine. I’m serious! A little piece of myself really does go into every image I capture and work with.

Bottom line: I love photography. I love people. I love making people happy. I combine all three and that makes for one SUPER rewarding life!

I’m ALWAYS up for a cup of coffee at the studio, so let me know if you want to meet up and talk about how I can make your life more memorable by including myself and my camera! I’m located in a rockin’-awesome space on the edge of downtown Greensboro and would love to have you by to chat about what I can capture for you.

 I can’t wait to work with you,

signature_small copy

Call, text or email • 336.552.4137 •

PS – I’m really not all that serious, I just thought the first image was a little artsy! Here’s what I usually look like:)



11 thoughts on “Meet Jordan

  1. You have the most beautiful photography! I especially loved the wedding photographs. You captured every aspect of the wedding from several perspectives with great creativity! Beautiful!

  2. If your looking for someone who is good with kids, Jordan Tickle is the one!!! My son gives him a run for his money literally every time he takes our pictures. He is two and doesn’t know how to sit down. However, he always finds the right one to take. I am so thankful I found you on facebook last Christmas!!!I I just love your pictures and the props you use. I hope to one be able to get a full session one day but until then I will keep getting all the mini sessions you do!!!

    • Laura! Thank you so very much for that! It’s such an honor to be able to spend time with you and your family! I’m so humbled that you choose to use me time and time again! Thanks so much for your support:-)

  3. What fun I had watching you take the pictures of my grandkids. You made 2 shy kids laugh and giggle and you got that true emotion in a picture. Thank you, thank you! We will be back!

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