2011 in Review

2011 in Review

If exactly one year ago someone had told me that Tickle Photography would have become what it is today, I would not have believed them – honestly! My photography began as a hobby and dream that I thought would take years upon years to develop, but through the support of some AMAZING people and with God’s blessings, Tickle Photography had an INCREDIBLE first year! I’ve been able to start my own business and invest in some wonderful equipment that aids me in capturing my visions and harnesing my creativity. Words truly cannot express how much this all means to me. I want to take this time to personally thank each and every person that has had a part in my 2011 year! From the clients that hired me to preserve their memories, to the people that offered encouraging words and shared their love for my work. Without ALL of you, this past year truly would have been impossible! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done! I look forward to working with you again in 2012 and watching how you and your families grow together!

Here’s a quick review of the 2011 year here at Tickle Photography. I’ve been able to meet some wonderful people and capture some priceless memories that will never be forgotten! I hope you enjoy taking a look at the past year:)

Elijah and Seth: Brothers

Nathan: Senior

Alicia and Karl: Married   {view more}

Christina: Senior   {view more}

Chet and Shayna: Married   {view more}

James and Allie: Engaged

Melissa: Designer and Photographer    {view more}

Kyle: Senior

Matt and Angela: Engaged    {view more}

The Wikle Family    {view more}

Mr. and Mrs. Stephens: Real Love    {view more}

James and Allie: Engaged II     {view more}

Jill: “Bride”    {view more}

Nathan and Brittany: “Engaged”    {view more}

Brian and Sharon: Engaged     {view more}

Kellie: “Bride”     {view more}

Tres: Senior    {view more}

Leah: Bride     {view more}
James and Allie: Married

Christina: Senior II

Doug and Jessi: Married

Brandy: Bride   {view more}

Jason and Leah: MarriedTJ and Brandy: Married

Maggie: Senior     {view more}The Lopez FamilyMaggie: Senior IIAva and Levi: Siblings

Champion Baptist Tour Group 2011: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Eva: Bride

Jaime and Elysia: Married
Ansley: 9 months

Sean and Eva: Married

Lizzie: Modeling

Tori: Bride

School Pictures: Amazing Grace Baptist Academy – Stoneville, NC

Tonya: Bride

Tyler and Tori: Married

Maddi: Modeling

Josh: Senior

Brydie: Newborn

Landon: Newborn

Katie: Modeling

Brad and Tonya: Married

Ansley: Modeling for the Thanksgiving Contest

SIGHT: A Stageplay

Georgette: ModelingNot Wanted: GLCS School Play [Gospel Light Christian School]The Madisons: Family

The Robertsons: Family

McKinley: Just Adorable

Bayard and Ellie: Married [UNCG Reception]

The Tickles: Family

GLCS Student Council ’11-’12

Ansley: 1 Year Cake Smashing

The Garris Family: Thanksgiving Contest Winners

Leon and Ann’s Country Christmas: Caswell, NC

Reagan: Adorable

Rod and Damita: Family

Clint and Debbie: Love

Reagan: Waiting On Santa

The Whites: Family

Emilie Carol: Photographer

Scotty and Allison: Christmas Contest Winners


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